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Pharmacists interested in buying or selling a pharmacy can check out the following resources on the Web:

NCPA's Web site features a Pharmacy Ownership & Management section at The site includes the lowdown on the Independent Pharmacy Matching Service (IPMS), ownership tools, the management institute, NCPA-Pfizer Digest data, Profit Mastery, and Virtual Mentors for Pharmacy Ownership. However, some materials are available only to NCPA members. ( features pharmacies currently on the block, including a separate link to pharmacies for sale through NCPA's IPMS. The site also features articles and information about various aspects of buying or selling a pharmacy, including whether pharmacy ownership is right for you, financing the deal, and why owners need to have an exit strategy.

Richard A. Jackson, Ph.D., professor of pharmacy administration, has posted pharmacy ownership resources on his Web site at the Mercer University Southern School of Pharmacy. The URL is Scroll down and click on the "Pharmacy Ownership" link.

Jackson's paper "Determining an equitable selling/purchase price and establishing a junior partnership for a community pharmacy" is posted on the Web at It includes several formulas to determine how much a pharmacy is worth and how to set up a junior partnership for the sale of a pharmacy.