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Hello, and welcome to, the personal site of Josh Powell!

- 8.31.2004 -
» I decided to release the code for my 1337 translator. In addition to UpTimer, which I use on my admin panel. Check 'em out on the PHP scripts page!
» Cleaned up some typos that I had all over my website :P

- 8.24.2004 -
» Added Stephen to my links :)

- 8.23.2004 -
» Worked on my guestbook a little, made it match the rest of my site a little more, and fixed a display error in IE.

- 8.20.2004 -
» Compressed the background image for dial up users, its now only 34K instead of 157K :D

- 8.19.2004 -
» New menu; Its now in flash, with a text version for users without the flash plugin!

- 8.18.2004 -
» I have just finished my new CMS! Featuring remote WYSIWYG editing, and much more :) I am really enjoying it!
» Cleaned up some of the old news..

- 8.16.2004 -
» Added a new script to create a printer-friendly version of each page, look at the footer :)

- 8.15.2004 -
» Its been a whole week since I have done anything here. School has started for me, so I have been really busy with that, and haven't had as much time as I would have liked to update this site. :(
» Even with me being busy.. I managed to put up a few php scripts for you to play around with, so have fun :D
» w0w, I just realized how many 404s there were on the misc page, because of my new design! eek! I just finished fixing them, so sorry for any inconveince!

- 8.8.2004 -
» Some minor coding errors fixed, cleaned up the footer, etc.
» New link!, check it out :)
» Well, you probably noticed the edit this page link, I have finally worked out a script that I think is fairly secure, even if you where to get the password, you shouldn't be able to edit anything outside of some set files... :)
» Fixed a few problems with my site, that were preventing it from validating :P

- 8.3.2004 -
» A friend of ours is trying to sell their house, and wanted me to put a little page on my website about it, take a look...

- 8.1.2004 -
» Well, my site was hacked a few days ago... lol
» A few new themes, scroll down to see them :)
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