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Pharmacy articles: Ph1 - Ph2 - Ph3 - Ph4 - Ph5 - Ph6 - Ph7 - Ph8 - Ph9 - Ph10 - Ph11 - Ph12

- 10.28.2004 -
Re-did most of the about page, updated the info, etc.
Created age13.

Telecom articles: Tel1 - Tel2 - Tel3 - Tel4

- 10.27.2004 -
Fixed an alignment error on the mountains theme.
I removed the note about Firefox in the footer that was displayed if the user is using I.E., as it "kills the mood" of my site :)

- 10.21.2004 -
Spruced up the interface of the showsource thing, and added a notice about the code.

- 10.20.2004 -
Fixed a major security hole in my showsource file, it would enable the user to view the source of a file even if I had specified it not viewable :P
Fixed a readability issue with the footer

- 10.19.2004 -
Compressed the background image, it should load in half the time now!
Removed a few broken links, added a few new ones
Now you can view the source of some/most of my main sites' files. Just add ?show=source to the filename, for example show this page's source.. have fun!

- 10.17.2004 -
Thought it was time for another change! What can I say, I was feeling in a autumn mood, so I redesigned yet again . . .

- 10.13.2004 -
Thought it was time for a change, changed the default theme from mist to sunset..
- 10.6.2004 -
Whoa! My Google Pagerank just jumped from one to two! Nice..
Re-did the affiliation links in javascript to match the links page
Fixed an error with my print stylesheet
Messed around with the footer a bit

- 10.5.2004 -
Updated the extensions list again
Re-did the links page using javascript
Cleaned up all the old news
As of 10.3.2004 I am officially 13!

- 10.2.2004 -
Updated the extensions list with my current set of extensions :)

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