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After weeks, even months of neglect, is back.
...and everything is completely redone from the ground up (I'm still working on re-writing some of the content, so for now some of it is still the old content). I'm really going to try hard to make this a helpful site, with plenty of info and such. It will be hard, but really worth it.

The changes
You might have noticed the shoutbox, forums, and guestbook have been removed. The shoutbox was really only something I threw in the last site to fill some empty space in my design, and it ended up just getting spammed and such, so it had to go. The guestbook is really kind of pointless. It was a remnant of my early early site, and could have used some taking down a long time ago. It too was getting spammed. I considered taking the forums down, but then I'd have to refund the money of some of my sponsors. So they are up, they still need some work though.

Copyright 2005 Josh Powell. This work is licensed under a CC License.

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