Name: Josh Powell
Favorite Music Bands: Jars Of Clay, Relient K, Newsboys, DCTalk, tobyMac, Switchfoot, Skillet.
Favorite Song: New Way to Be Human - Switchfoot
Favorite Color: Blue or Red :P
Favorite Pastime: Web Design, PHP Coding, etc.
Favorite IM Network: MSN
Favorite Movie: The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy!
Location: Central VA
School: Homeschooled
Family: 5 brothers, 3 sisters, 2 parents

Many times people have made fun of, looked down, or otherwise dissed me because of my age. Now, I am here to de-bunk the prejedice that 13 year olds can't do anything. I present to you; age13 (previously age12)

Homeschooling is really neat because:
I don't have to worry about catching the bus (to go to school, I walk across the room!)
Less students = More teacher attention
Don't have to pack a lunch
I do not have to be held back by others (I am the only student in my "class")

As you probably gathered from elsewhere on my site, I am a "ham" or amateur radio operator. I primarily listen on the 147.075 W4PNT, and 146.76 WA4TFZ repeaters. I a mostly on two meters, but I am occasionally on 440. I am using a FT-1500M from Yaesu, and a T-81A/E from Icom. Both of them I am borrowing from Tim Miller - KG4HOT, as my IC-T7H and my Yaesu FT-1500M are broken. (I need a cable for the HT, and I have no idea what is wrong with the Yaesu!)

I am also really interested in computers, mainly desktop PCs that are running Unix/Linux and/or Windows. Currently I am using an eMachines PC, with a Pentium 4 CPU, and 256MB of RAM. I have it set up with Windows XP pro, and Mandrake Linux 9.2. Linux is really neat and I greatly enjoy using it. In my opinion in some ways Linux is a better operating system then Windows, but, unfortunately, almost EVERYTHING is written for windows, so that is almost a necessity in the computer world. Even though a lot of the popular programs are written for Windows, there are some really cool Linux programs out there, but anyway, I will continue this on my computer page...

Interesting facts about me and my brothers/sisters as well as myself:

  • I have a high sternum bone, it sticks out a bit from my chest!
  • I first learned to read at 4!

  • Is a book worm!
  • Loves to draw.
  • Likes to eat "Peanut butter and Mayo" sandwiches, YUCK!

  • Likes to pretend that she is dog.

  • Wears glasses

  • Thinks he is a comedian

  • Likes to wrap a hair around his thumb while he sucks it :P

  • Very strong-willed!

  • Has a "double tooth", it has two points!

  • He does what all babies do, look cute!
  • He also has a very tight grip, he really likes to pull my hair!

More-or-less, my personal preferences

NEW! My messy desktop...

a picture of me

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