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January 6, 2005

New blog..

Um... this is like.. my old blog.. and like.. its moved now.. so like.. update your bookmarks to

December 13, 2004

Im in a Christmas play..

Well, I was voulenteered by my mother to be Joseph in a local churchs' Christmas play, so I've been busy practicing my lines and such for that. Its really simple.. only about 7 lines


December 13, 2004


Well, as much as I hate ads, I've been in need of a little cash.. so I decided to play around with a few ad programs, and until I find something better, it looks like Kanoodle is the best so far.

If you would like to help me out, you are welcome to click them

My balance (about 3 days) so far, is $84.75 - thanks to all that have been clicking!


December 13, 2004

Its a boy

Well, my mom had her ultrasound today, and its a boy

Lets see, this will be [counts on fingers and toes] boy number 7..

Sorry for not posting anything here, Ive just been really busy with School and such, and haven't had time to blog much lately.


October 16, 2004

Jars of Clay in Concert!

Oh yeah.. I just got back from an awesome Jars of Clay concert last night. It was in Liberty univeristy in Lynchburg, in the basketball statium.

All I can say is that they where awesome! It would have been nice to get autographs or something, but there where a few too many people for that. I had only expected a few hunder to come, but it was probably about 3,500 that showed up.

The only problem was that they where late to open (almost an hour ) so there where 3,500 people lined up at the door, it was probably like 40 degrees (F) and I was out there in shorts and short sleaved shirt.. needless to say that wasn't the funnest thing in the world lol.

None the less I had a good time, and it was awesome to actually see them live.

Now I am off too a "homecoming" to help make apple cider (read: hard work)...


October 6, 2004

$josh = "13"!

Well, it finally happened, on the third of this month, I official became a teenager!

Bye bye COPPA, it was nice knowing you - NOT!


October 6, 2004

Number 10 is on the way..

Well, I found out a couple days ago that my mom is pregnant, that means baby number 10 should be here in April/May 2005!

-sigh- 10. 10! 10? Wow.


September 25, 2004

Wow, simply amazing.

Within 10 days of the campaign launching, there have been over 2 Million downloads of Firefox 1.0pr. Thats astounding!

10 days.
2 million downloads of the Firefox Preview Release.
10,000 registered users.
100,000+ referrals by our 100 most active participants.

Get Firefox. Now.


September 17, 2004

Hurricane Ivan

Well, we certainly got some rain! It was raining cats and dogs a few hours ago, the roads looked like mini-creeks, and our yard looked like a brown pond.

Our yard:

A local church was flooded, the basement was being flooded with water, but their wasn't too much damage.

Overall it wasn't too bad, aside from all the rain. We didn't have any power outages (at least not where I am living) and the wind wasn't bad at all. We did loose our DSL for about two hours due to the static from the lightning, but obviously it is back now.


September 3, 2004


Withen 10 minutes of the gmail giveaway being posted , every single one of the 1000 gmail invites where taken! That is astounding! If anybody missed that, and wants an invite, leave a comment here, I have quite a few :)


September 2, 2004

Trading Places

If you look at a spiders web, you would usually expect to find a spider in it, maybe dissecting another insect, or just waiting for some pray. A few days ago I found this in reverse, a large European hornet flew into this web, and actually ate the large 2 inch spider.

I swear its the strangest thing I have seen, he bit the body completely in two pieces, and then digested it . He did have a little trouble getting out of the web, though. He had to bite the strands to work his way out.

Anyhow, it was very interesting to watch, and I wish I would have had my camera handy to take a few macros, but alas I had left it at home.


September 1, 2004


*UPDATE: 2 left*

OK, I have 3 more invites, rules are as last time;

Be sure to leave:

  • Your first and last name

  • An existing email address to send the invite to, must be real, and must NOT be hotmail. Note: If you use a Yahoo address it will get filtered in your spam folder, if you use hotmail, the invite will be blocked all to-gether.

Remember, I have 3, and its first come first serve, so be quick! Only one invite per person

And just in case you dont know what gmail is, take a peek at this screenshot:
Click me!


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