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I'm Josh
Lets see.. as you probably gather, my name is Josh Powell. I'm the webmaster of this, and a few other sites. =) I'm 13 years old, and the oldest of 10 children, ranging in age from a few months, up to me. I'm home schooled, and have been since around 4 (when I first learned to read).

I really enjoy web design and coding. I've made a few PHP scripts which you can find on the PHP page, and designed more than a couple of websites. I think its just a lot of fun to be able to take an idea and express yourself through computer scripting and coding. The current site design is based on a template by I know, I should have design it from scratch, but when I'm designing a site for myself, I always have a lack of inspiration. The photo up in the header is not me, its just some picture I found on a free stock photo site.

I am a Christian,
and am currently atending a Pentacostal Holiness church, Restoration Outreach Church in Buckingham, VA. I'm not a member of any denomination.. and I've atended Methodist, Mennonite, Baptist, Non-Denomination, and many other churches in the past. I am somewhat charismatic, so I do feel pretty much at home with the Pentacostal Holiness church. I'm currently working on the churches website, but it should be up shortly.

In addition to computers,
I also really like Amateur Radio, which you can find more information on at my radio page. For excercise I ride my bike and walk.. as well as constantly chase after my siblings to keep them out of trouble. :)

Copyright 2005 Josh Powell. This work is licensed under a CC License.

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