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Here you will find a few simple PHP scripts I have developed.... feel free to use them on your site :) If you use these scripts, I ask that you put a link to my site somewhere on your site, this is optional, although I would appreciate it!

These scripts are donationware, that is, you are free to download and use them, but if they are useful to you, and you have the spare change, a donation would be nice - this encourages me to keep working on the existing scripts, as well as create new and better scripts to come!

TranslateNow! - Provide site translation, powered by both Google and Bablefish.

Random Quote Generator - Display a new tip, quote, or other random string every time someones visits your site!

FastCMS 1.1 - Easily and quickly edit files remotely!

Whats new:

  • Fixed bug which caused file not to save if users host had registerglobals turned off in php.ini
  • Wrote a readme.txt
  • Fixed a few other minor bugs

AlertBrowser - Display a custom message to your users, depending on which browser they are using. Useful for compatibility notes etc.

MyAge - Have your age updated dynamicly using PHP! Simply enter your birth date, and your age will be displayed dynamicly - using PHP!

SpreadSite - Provide a quick and easy way for your visitors to tell their friends about your site!

Password Protection - Very very simple password protection..

1337 - I have decided to release the source of my 1337 translator!

UpTimer - This simple script shows how long the server has been running. Only works on *nix based servers.

ClickMe 2.0 - Powerful yet very easy to use click-tracking software.

Whats new:

  • Web based config panel
  • Compltely new layout
  • Clear stats option
  • Auto ClickMe - Automatically make external URLs go through ClickMe.
  • Option to turn off frame
  • Option to turn off password protection
  • Options to change the look and feel of the frame
  • Much much more!

TinyURL - 100 percent customizable tinyurl creator, brings to power of to your finger tips!

Copyright 2005 Josh Powell. This work is licensed under a CC License.

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